About The Series

Martha was a normal 18-teen-year-old girl… until her life changes after she’s captured by a mysterious Master. He renames the young girl Molly and intends on training her to act and behave as a dog would, turning her into a sub-human canine.

Animal role-play relationships can be quite exciting for most dominants and submissive girls. Unfortunately for Martha, or Molly as was her name now, she is being held against her will: kept for fulfilling her Master’s fantasy of having a beautiful teenage girl like herself as his personal pet, a companion.

Molly The Puppy Girl is an individually published series of stories that follow Molly as she faces the life of becoming a puppy girl slave. She finds herself in a Master and pet relationship where she has no choice but to belong to him.

All volumes of Molly The Puppy Girl are released separately as a eBook story throughout the series.

She is trained to obey her Master’s commands as his influence turns her into his loving pet.

Imagine what it will feel like to own an 18-teen-year-old girl as a submissive pet just like Molly with lean pretty legs and round lovely apple-shaped breasts, and wearing a pink leather dog collar forced upon her, forever marking her as a sub-human canine to be controlled and trained by her Master.

Molly The Puppy Girl; an original eBook series coming soon in 2020