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Animated Audiobook in a live-action advetnture, Molly The Puppy Girl

From the creators of Amber Word, we present to you the all-new, Animated Audiobook in a live-action adventure, Molly The Puppy Girl a High Definition video.

Meet Dee, a beautiful and bright teenager who’s looking forward to graduating high school in the coming year with a good future ahead of her, and a hard earned scholarship to fund her dreams of going to college next year.

Everything was perfect for Dee, who has good family, friends who love her, and a good job at Perkins Restaurant and Bakery downtown Minneapolis. But Dee’s life changes unexpectedly when she’s kidnapped by a mysterious Master who’s intent on training her to be his pet… literally.

The animal role-play fetish can be quite exciting for most people in dominant and submissive relationships who enjoy being treated as a pet. Unfortunately for Dee, or Molly as her name is now, she finds it more terrifying than pleasurable. The beautiful teenager will be held against her will, forced into a Master and pet relationship where she’ll be trained to act and behave as a dog would. Transformed into a puppy girl slave.

He intends to keep Molly as his personal pet, she’ll have no choice but to belong to him.

Join Dee in Molly the Puppy Girl; an Animated Audiobook, and follow along to see if she has the potential to become a subhuman canine in a life she never really wanted!

The first episode of the Animated Audiobook in a live-action adventure, Molly The Puppy Girl coming soon in 2021, an all American series of mature adventure stories.

So don’t make Molly beg, reserve your spot today!

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Warning: The following Animated Audiobook, is meant for adults only. It contains explicit, sexual content. All characters are of legal age.